Terms & Conditions

Terms& Conditions

CDW  insurance May does not include Some prices for vehicles 

The makes / models shown above are examples only. Apatchi is unable to guarantee specific make/model. For Specialty, makes and models can be reserved on line where available,but may vary by location. 

Estimated rates as indicated at top of page for rental period unless otherwise indicated


Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

CollisionDamage Waiver (CDW) helps protect renters from repair coststhat might arise from accidental damage to the vehicle. CDWreduces your unexpected risk. This optional coverage offers you bigpeace of mind for a small investment. 

Terms &Conditions:

Age Requirements 
Credit CardPolicies 
Debit CardPolicies 
Driver's LicenseRequirements 
Travel into OtherCountries 
Additional Charges
Insurance Policy 

Collision DamageWaiver (CDW) 
Use Restrictions 
Methods of payments


Age Requirements

 Minimum age: 21 - Maximum age: 75


Credit Card Policies

 A major credit card inthe name of the primary driver must be produced at the time ofrental.  This location accepts

K-net / Master Card /Visa.

 Additional Charge Card Hold:  A minimum credit cardhold equal to the total estimated cost of the rental.

A major credit card in the name of the primary drivermust be produced with original passport at the time of therental. A Credit card imprint with per-authorization will betaken at the start of rental to cover the rental charges andextras such as rental extensions, traffic fines, damage andfuel.


Debit Card Policies

 Debit cards areaccepted.


Driver's License Requirements

 1- A validnational driving license from the renter's country of residence mustbe presented in person at the time of rental along with a passportwith a photographic proof of identity. All foreign renters anddrivers must also present a valid International Driving Permit (IDP)

2- All forms of documentation must be issued to the same person,inthe same name, and presented together at the time of rental.

NOTE:  As mandated by law of the Kuwait Traffic Directorate

** customer who enter Kuwait on tourist visa must get drivinglicense insurance policy for his international/foreign driving license .moreinformation will be provide by location at the time of pickup

Exception: Nationals/citizens of the United Arab Emirates,Bahrain,Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia are exempt from this licensingrequirement. 

Driving License Insurance is mandatory by the traffic law in thestate of Kuwait for all the visitors driving a vehicle with the InternationalDriving License in the state of Kuwait. The cost to issue the Driver's Licenseinsurance Policy (DLIP) is:

1- One (1) Month Insurance: KWD 13 (Kuwaiti Dinar) per renter.
2- Two (2) Months Insurance: KWD 17 (Kuwaiti Dinar) per renter.
3- Three (3) Months Insurance: KWD 20 (Kuwaiti Dinar) per renter.



Travel into Other Countries

 Vehicles at thislocation are not allowed to travel outside of the country. One-way rentals arealso not permitted.



All vehicles have a full tank of fuel at checkout. Vehiclesshould be returned full or fuel charges will be charged at the end ofthe rental as per Apatchi’s fuel rates.


·          A traffic violation administration fee ofKD5.00 per traffic violation is applicable wherever violations havebeen incurred

·          A parking fee ofKD5.00 per rental is applicable at Kuwait International Airport locations.Thisis not an airport surcharge

·          Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is inclusive


Value Added Services & Accessories



·          A charge of KD 5.00 will be applicable perservice for delivery or collection within city limits anythingoutside city KD 8 per service




·          Baby and child seats can be provided at acharge of KD3.00 per seat per day.

·          GPS navigation system is available at a chargeof KD 3.00 per day on request & subject to availability.


Insurance Cover

 Collision Damage Waiver is an optional service which, if accepted,reduces your financial liability for damage to the Apatchivehicles except for theft, attempted theft and vandalism, providedthe vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions ofthe rental agreement. 


*CDW maybe mandatory and is not included in somecontract or preferential rates. 


If CDW is requested, you will be responsible for the amountof the deductible (A Police Report is Mandatory) -see Sales Agent for details.


ü Insurance open file KD 25

ü Unknown Accident 25%of the total repair cost

ü Total loss charges will be 25% of the insurance value of thecar



If CDW is not requested, you will be responsible for the amountof the deductible as well as the relevant charges incurred due to theaccident /damages (A Police Report is Mandatory) - see Sales Agent fordetails and the customer will be responsible for the following charges:



ü Insurance open file KD 50

ü Unknown Accident 35%of the total repair cost

ü Total loss charges will be 30% of the insurance value ofthe car

ü Normal daily rental charges apply during the repair of thedamage vehicle in the garage


** Vehicles are coveredby full comprehensive insurance as per the Kuwaiti laws, however; a policereport must be obtained at the time of an accident or in the case of damage.

 **If the renter failed to produce a valid police report toApatchi Kuwait, then all charges incurred will be the responsibility of theclient, even if CDW has been taken.

 **No replacement vehicle will be supplied and rentalcharges will continue until a police report is received along with anyother relevant documents.



·          In the event of theft of a rented vehicle, the police mustbe notified immediately; otherwise cover would be rendered void and it isnot covered under the CDW Excess.



Collision Damage Waiver (CDW):


Collision Damage Waiver is an optional cover per day and ifpurchased, it waives the excess. A police report for any damage or scratch mustbe obtained by the renter in order to apply the CDW. Items such as, tires,under carriage, replacement locks, replacement keys and towing charges areoften not included in the CDW



 Use Restrictions

 1. Punctures,Tire Damage,Wheel Caps, Aerials are not covered by insurance, even afterpaying CDW unless the damage is caused as a result of an accidentand the client has obtained a valid police report.

2. Off-road driving renders the insurance invalid evenafter paying CDW

3. Loss or damage to personal items is not coveredunder the terms of the insurance

4. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugsrenders the insurance invalid.N.B.Alcohol limit is ZERO

5. Our Terms of Business and Insurance cover areall subject to the Kuwaiti law



I.  Reservation:

 1.  Apatchi Kuwait operates a fully computerized Central Reservations facility 24/7. Forreservations please direct your communications to:

 Tel:  (+965) 25611141

       (+965) 239 87020

       (+965) 249 12124

 Fax:(+965)249 12128

 Email:   reservations@apatchicars.com  



2.  For all direct reservations, Apatchi Kuwait willconfirm your rental by return confirmation number.

3.  12 Hours lead-time is required for anyreservation.

4.  Stop sales (blackouts) may occasionally apply atpeak periods for specific categories.


II.   Alterations to bookings:

 1.  Anyalteration to a booking must be directed to the Apatchi KuwaitCentral Reservations Office

 2.  Any changes on the booking may lead tochanges on the confirm price of the rental

III.   Cancellations:

 1.  Apatchi Kuwait Central Reservations Officeshould be advised of any cancellation of a booking as soon aspossible.

 Other Terms and Conditions:

 I.   Vehicle Type & Availability

 1.  Everyendeavorwill be made to provide a specific vehicle make if indicated onareservation and voucher. However, Apatchi Kuwait can only guarantee avehicle category / group. If for any reason the reserved/bookedvehicle isnot available, Apatchi Kuwait reserves the right tosubstitute a comparable or superior vehicle at no cost to thecustomer. Such action by Apatchi does not constitute a breach of the vehicleconditions/contract and does not entitle the renter to any refund. Ifno alternative vehicle is available,Apatchi’s liability is limited to thereturn of all payments made


II.    Rental Period

 1.  Minimumrental period is 24 hours with a grace period of 1 hour.

2.  If the delay is more than 1 hour, an additional day will be charged.


III.  Return of Vehicle

1.    If there is a change in the CollectionLocation at the time of off-hiring(returning the vehicle), the renter shouldcontact the renting location or Apatchi Hot Line on (+965)24912124 and informthem of the time and place of collection, and take the name of the person inApatchi Kuwait who they gave the information to.


1.    When renter returns the car before the end ofthe contract term, customer shall pay the full value of remaining contractperiod. Renter has no right to claim for rental value when return the carbefore contract closing date, however balance can be used within maximum periodof six months from the date of returned the car.

2.    Renter shall bear the all traffic violationand legal claims as well as full rental charges, in case of vehicle undercustody of legal authorities.

3.    The lessor has right to withdraw the vehiclewithout prior notice or warning

4.    The lessor is not responsible for loss ordamage of personal stuff after returned the vehicle

5.    The Renter shall not permit to use the car forrace, transportation or any illegal purposes.

6.    The lessor is entitled to publish the name andpicture of renter in the daily newspaper in case of violation of any terms& condition of agreement.

7.    The renter shall not any repair work oraddition to the vehicle without prior written approval of the lessor. 


H.     Methods of Payment

 1- A Major Creditcardin the name of the primary driver must be produced.

2- A Credit Card imprint with pre-authorization will be taken atthe start of rental to cover the rental charges and extras such as rentalextensions, traffic fines, damage and fuel.

3- All Major cards are accepted: MasterCard, Visa, andAmerican Express, Rental charges could be also paid in cash or K-netCard or Credit Card at the end of the rental agreement.

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